It is only right that I offer an explanation to my constituents as to why, on 20th February 2019, I resigned from the Conservative party and now represent them as an Independent MP.


The Conservative Party I joined in 2012 was a moderate, open-hearted, one nation party, well regarded for economic competence, delivering good jobs and providing opportunity and prosperity for all. The party was challenging its nasty party image, proving that it could be a party of both competence and compassion. This was the reason I chose to first stand for election in 2015 as a Conservative MP.


Unfortunately the party I was once proud to represent, has slowly but surely abandoned the values I hold dear, shifting to the right of British Politics.


The narrow outcome of the 2016 EU referendum necessitated careful handling to ensure everyone in the country had confidence in the future. But, rather than bringing the country together through a genuine effort to build consensus, many now feel alienated. Many of those who feel this way are my constituents.


I have always believed in mature cross party collaboration, putting residents first and am therefore proud to have worked and continue to work with colleagues from all political parties both here in South Cambs and in Westminster. 


So when I resigned from the Conservative Party it was also because I felt strongly that there was a better way of "doing" politics. Our country deserves better; more competence, more collaboration, more expert analysis, more transparency, more care and more fairness.  And at the same time, less adversarial politics, less “Westminster bubble” and less entrenched political ideology. Joining 10 other MPs from both Conservative and Labour backgrounds, I want to play my part to bring this ambition to life.


I want to reassure all my constituents that I’m still “Heidi.” I haven’t changed, my fantastic team in my office haven’t changed and you have my word that we will continue to work as hard as we always have to support everyone in South Cambridgeshire.


I am also pleased to report that local councillors of every political persuasion have been nothing but supportive and have pledged to keep working as a team, rightly putting our residents first. Conservative MPs and Ministers, while disappointed to see me leave the party have gone out of their way to contact me to reassure me that they are also keen to continue working collaboratively, just as before.


So I want you to know that the high standard of service I endeavour to provide, will continue as normal. Being an MP is an incredible privilege and is first and foremost a role of public service, not a party political one. As such, becoming an Independent will not in any way affect my relationship with my constituents.


I and colleagues have put our heads above the parapet to try and build a new kind of politics. It is true, we might fail. But I believe it is a prize worth fighting for and I sense the country wants us to fight for it too.  


Despite the tremendous support from constituents following my decision, for which I am very grateful, I fully appreciate some may not feel this way. Others may have questions which currently remain unanswered. I am therefore planning to hold a number of public events across the constituency in the coming weeks to enable us to have those conversations. As soon as venues and locations are confirmed I will advertise the events here on my website and  hope many of you will come along to meet and talk to me.


I will ALWAYS put my constituents and country first - on that you have my word.

Thank you to everyone who attended my most recent public meeting on 16th March.

I will be holding a second public meeting on Saturday 30th March, to allow South Cambridgeshire constituents further opportunity to discuss my decision to join The Independent Group.

Venue and registration details for the second meeting will be publicised in due course.

Hello I'm Heidi Allen. It is an honour to be the Member of Parliament for South Cambridgeshire.

On my website you can find out more about me, my campaigns and my latest news. I'm here to help so please do get in touch!

20th February 2019: A message to my constituents

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20th February 2019


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